About us

ORO Plastika is a young company that has taken over a production program for testing and injection molding of plastics from ORO Orodjarna. Despite a relatively short operating period, the company has good credentials for the most demanding customers because of its short reaction time and high quality, which is reflected in a small number of complaints.

It is specialized in the production of sophisticated and highly demanding products, mainly produced by two-component injection molding. Our advantage is fast responding to customer requirements and full support in improving the design of products. The partner company also offers the production of small series from prototype tools.

By investing in the further development and continuous training of our employees, we follow new trends and achievements in the field of plastics processing.

The main activity of ORO Plastika d.o.o. consists in the manufacture and composition of plastic products. The company manufactures technically highly demanding large-series products for well-known customers in Slovenia and abroad, as well as small series and prototype products for occasional or one-time customers.

The company offers to its customers comprehensive support in the production of highly demanding injection molds. Our support includes design and optimization consulting in order to meet the product requirements. The design and manufacture of the tool is performed in cooperation with our partner company ORO Orodjarna d.o.o., which is located on the same address. For this partner company ORO Plastika d.o.o. performs try-outs of the thermoplastic tools, carries out first samplings of plastic parts, and produces first batches of products.

The high quality of our products and services is ensured by a comprehensive quality management strategy for accuracy, delivery reliability, and fast and efficient response to customer requirements in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

The company ORO Plastika was founded in 2016. Previously, the production of plastic components took place at ORO Orodjarna d.o.o., as the plastic department was a part of its tool shop.